REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (Consultancy Services — Engineer (District heating))



Consultancy Services — ENGINEER (District heating)

Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and

Communal Services of Ukraine


Programme management and support unit




Ukraine has received financing from the European Investment Bank in the amount EUR 400 million under Finance Contract on 23 July 2015 (ratified by Law of Ukraine on 3 February 2016 # 975-VIII) for Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Programme (“UMIP”) implementation.

Under UMIP loans will be extended to the Final Beneficiaries, for the purpose of implementing municipal infrastructure projects. UMIP targets projects in the following sectors:

  • district heating;
  • energy efficiency in public buildings;
  • municipal lighting;
  • water supply, wastewater;
  • solid waste management.

UMIP will be implemented under general supervision of Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (hereinafter – Minregion).

In accordance with Finance Contract a programme management and support unit (the “PMSU”) within the Ministry of Regional Development has been established with a central UMIP management and support role.

The PMSU is responsible for the UMIP implementation related activities, including disbursements, procurement, financial management, environmental and social safeguards, assistance in UMIP coordination and general monitoring of the implementation on day-to-day basis.

The PMSU is also responsible for overall coordination, monitoring and providing support to the Project Implementation Units (“PIU”) within the Final Beneficiaries have to be established.

Implementation of the UMIP shall be regulated by Finance Contract, Programme Procedural Manual, Ukrainian legislation.




  • support, monitoring, supervision documents (technical part) preparation on a UMIP level in order to ensure the compliance with EIB’s requirements under the UMIP projects and the provisions of the required support to the PIUs (here and after regarding projects in District heating sector).





Engineer (District heating) will perform the following tasks:

  • Analyse and review feasibility studies provided by the PIUs, identify any shortcomings, issue recommendations and propose appropriate corrective measures, if needed;
  • Analyse designs, technical specifications, performance requirements, terms of reference, technical evaluation reports and other engineering output provided by the PIUs, identify any shortcomings, issue recommendations and propose appropriate corrective measures, if needed;
  • Perform technical engineering inspections of the UMIP projects for compliance with respective plans and specifications and prepare written reports of inspections;
  • Review progress payments, change orders and monitor fulfilment of requirements of designs, state standards, construction norms and regulations, including quality and scope of works performed under UMIP contracts;
  • Analyse technical solutions selected for UMIP projects and evaluate possible improvements as needed determining and noting major and minor shortcomings and defects, and evaluating appropriate actions in order to remedy the deficiencies as needed;
  • Notify the PIUs and contractors if any unsafe conditions are observed at construction sites; report work not in accordance with specifications and recommend work stoppage for non-compliance; consults with supervisors on major deviations from specifications;
  • Maintain databases and records relating to technical aspects of contracts implemented under UMIP, including sketches, photographs, drafting, and narrative notes;
  • Other activities required during Project implementation.




Engineer (District heating) will report to Head of PMSU and UMIP Coordinator.




  • Workplace equipped with PC and telephone;
  • Access to Internet, photocopier, printer and scanner;
  • Project related documentation;
  • Relevant EIB documentation.




  • A minimum Specialist Degree, preferably Master’s Degree, in related field of Engineering;
  • Experience of operational work in implementing of international project implementation in the District heting sector will be an advantage;
  • Experience in international projects preparation and implementation on the state/local/municipal levels (responsible body of power in which are authorities);
  • Experience in design and supervision of works/installations in the District heating sector;
  • Prior experience of working with/ companies or utilities from the District heating sector;
  • Fluent knowledge of English engineering technical terminology relating to the District heating sector will be an advantage;
  • Perfect knowledge of Ukrainian (preferably for foreign citizens);
  • Fluency in English (can read, write, speak);
  • Teamwork skills and cross-cultural cooperation;
  • Good communication skills and the ability to transfer experience to other team members;
  • Excellent knowledge and skills of using the Microsoft Office programs.




The services shall be provided in the city of Kyiv during 5 years (till December, 2023).

The services will be provided on a full-time basis under a time-based contract (monthly payments) with 3-6 months probation period and option to extend subject to the Consultant’s appropriate performance of the services.

CVs must be delivered to the following e-mails: with the subject: «Individual consultant — Engineer (District heating)» until 21th October, 2019, 12:00 pm local time.

A consultant will be selected under EIB Procurement Guidelines.