Energy efficiency and energy savings


The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine (MinRegion) implements the state policy in energy efficiency in buildings, based on the following principles:

  • ensuring the appropriate level of energy efficiency in buildings following technical regulations, national standards, norms, and rules;
  • stimulating the reduction of energy consumption in buildings;
  • creating favorable conditions for attracting investments to increase the energy efficiency in residential and public buildings;
  • ensuring the thermal modernization in buildings and the implementation of the national plan to increase the number of buildings with close to zero energy consumption;
  • providing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from residential and public buildings.

The main tasks of the Ministry are:

  • state policymaking in energy efficiency in buildings, considering the European Union legislation requirements;
  • legal regulation in energy efficiency in buildings;
  • introduction of professional certification of persons performing energy efficiency certification and inspection of engineering systems;
  • ensuring coordination, monitoring and evaluation of state policy in energy efficiency in public and residential buildings;
  • maintaining a database of engineering systems inspection results;
  • digital transformation within the energy efficiency in buildings.

The Ministry has established the Energy Efficiency Fund to strengthen the incentives for integrating energy efficiency measures in residential buildings. The Fund’s activities aim to address excessive specific energy consumption in the residential sector by supporting energy efficiency initiatives, and promoting energy efficiency and energy savings in buildings.

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