Minister Oleksii Chernyshov: Extent of completion of objects within the framework of the “Great Construction” program makes up 84 percent


On October 13, the Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine Oleksii Chernyshov chaired a conference call with the heads of regional state administrations on the implementation of the President’s program “Great Construction”.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the dynamics of readiness of facilities, the quality of work, the use of funds provided for the implementation of the program, the results of emergency response in the regions and other pressing issues.

The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development constantly monitors the state of implementation of the “Great Construction” program. As of October 13, the average performance of construction readiness in Ukraine is 84%. At that, the readiness of schools included in the “Great Construction” program makes up 90%, kindergartens – 85%, sports infrastructure facilities – 78%, other facilities – 84%.

The Minister stressed that the focus should be on accelerating the construction of healthcare facilities projects while certain regions should intensify planning work and setting dates for the commissioning of facilities.

“Currently, the readiness performance of the facilities is satisfactory. We must exert every effort to ensure that the President’s “Great Construction” program is implemented timely and in full, especially in the area of healthcare facilities. This year, construction and repair work at the emergency departments in the regions, each of which is extremely important in the fight against the pandemic and ensuring access of citizens to medical services, must be completed on time,” Oleksii Chernyshov stressed.

At the conference call, the Minister also raised an issue of preparing the regions for the heating season and called on the heads of regional state administrations and other responsible bodies to speed up the resolution of any problematic issues in this direction and ensure full readiness of the regions for the upcoming heating season.

Moreover, Oleksii Chernyshov drew attention to the activities on monitoring the elimination of fires in Luhansk, Kharkiv and Zhytomyr regions, called to focus on resolving this issue and noted that it was critical to quickly assess the damage from fires, where it had not been done, and submit documents for people to get their help soon.

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