Ministry for Communities and Territories Development: 99.9% of residential buildings and social facilities are connected to heating supplies


As of November 25, almost the entire country is connected to heating systems. 99.99% of boiler-houses operate (19,946). Only 16 boiler houses have problems, and they are promptly solved thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development and the Regional State Administration.

“The heating season in Ukraine is quite successful. Even before the start of the heating season, we managed to solve all the pressing issues, thanks to which 99.9% of the social infrastructure has already been connected to heating – these are schools, kindergartens, hospitals and residential buildings. Separately, I want to emphasize that 100% of healthcare facilities, which is 2,940 facilities, are also provided with heating. Of course, this is especially important during a pandemic,” commented Oleksii Chernyshov, Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine.

According to the regional and Kyiv city state administrations, the following facilities are connected to the heat supply:

99.96% of educational institutions (15,641)

99.96% of preschool institutions (12,931)

100% of health care facilities (2,940)

99.9% of residential buildings (81,579).

In Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, 23 residential buildings are not provided with heating. Gradual connection of residential buildings is underway.

In the town of Oleshky, Kherson region, 14 residential buildings are not heated. According to the Kherson Regional State Administration, the issue of restoring heating supply is currently being resolved.

What the responsibilities of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development include?

The Ministry for Communities and Regions Development controls the start and passage of the heating period so that each consumer receives heating in time in his home. The Ministry monitors the preparation and passage of the heating period, namely controls the number of settlements where the decision to start the heating period was taken, the number of boilers involved in the provision of district heating services, the number of houses and social facilities (preschools, educational institutions, healthcare institutions) that receive the service of central heating.

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