Ministry for Territories and Communities Development: The performance of “Great Construction” projects across the country is 89 percent readiness


On November 4, under the chairmanship of the Minister for Territories and Communities Development of Ukraine Oleksii Chernyshov, a conference call was held with the heads of regional state administrations on the implementation of the President’s program “Great Construction” with a share 100/100/100.

According to the monitoring group of the Ministry for Territories and Communities Development, which constantly monitors the implementation of the “Great Construction” program, as of November 4, the average performance of construction readiness in Ukraine makes up 89%. The schools included in the program demonstrate 93% readiness, kindergartens – 88%, sports infrastructure – 86% and other facilities – 86%.

The participants of the meeting paid special attention to the quality of centralized oxygen supply systems installed in hospitals and heard proposals from the heads of regional state administrations to simplify the procedure for the procurement of services and equipment on the ground. Given the urgency of the development of medical infrastructure in a pandemic, the most important task today is to ensure the quality and efficiency of centralized oxygen systems in hospitals.

“Against the background of the coronavirus crisis, the issue of providing Ukrainians with high-quality medical services should be a priority for all regional leaders. Currently, the majority of regions maintain a high speed of construction of emergency departments in hub hospitals, which are part of the President’s Great Construction Program. We hope that the progress that the regions are currently demonstrating on the completion of medical infrastructure facilities will allow them to implement this year’s program on time and in full,” Oleksii Chernyshov stressed.

At the conference call, the Minister also raised the issue of emergency response in the affected areas and called on the leadership of the respective regions not to reduce the dynamics of the use of funds provided for the restoration of infrastructure and compensation to affected citizens.

Commenting on personnel changes in the regional administration, the Minister for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine noted that personnel errors lead to negative consequences and slowdown in work inside the region. “Regions must demonstrate the dynamics of change, which is a criterion for the work of the head of the regional state administration for a certain period of time. If such indicators are not available, appropriate personnel decisions are made,” Oleksii Chernyshov said.

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