Construction and Architecture


The Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine (MinRegion) carries out state regulation in architecture, construction, and urban planning, in particular:

  • urban planning at the state, regional and local levels (documentation update, sustainable development and protection of the urban environment in settlements to be in traditional
  • manner, architectural heritage preservation, creation of barrier-free space);
  • technical regulation in construction (development and updating of State building codes, support in increasing energy efficiency in the construction industry);
  • maintaining the urban cadastre at the state and regional levels;
  • identifying of state policy in the field of architectural and construction control;
  • initiating the professional qualification of construction participants (professional certification of contractors – architects, engineers, experts, increasing their responsibility, control over the activities of self-regulatory organizations in construction);
  • pricing policymaking in construction, participation in the formation of the budget and regulatory framework in construction and determining application procedure;
  • regulatory and methodological support for construction projects development, examination, and approval;
  • state policymaking to implement the priority regional development projects and housing construction (the projects implemented at public expense, including administrative service centers, fire protection, social protection institutions for children including small group and family-type shelters), educational and security institutions;
  • implementing state support programs in construction: affordable housing, youth housing, and lending to individual rural developers.

The Ministry`s priority tasks are developing and improving regulation in architecture, construction, and urban planning, considering EU legislation requirements in relevant areas, simplifying permitting procedures, and implementing new technologies.

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