REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Consultancy Services — Financial Management Specialist Ministry for Community and Territory Development of Ukraine THE UKRAINE MUNICIPAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAMME Programme Management and Support Unit



The Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Programme (UMIP) is a multi-sector investment Programme with the Borrower, Ukraine, acting through the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in conjunction with the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine (Minregion).

Under UMIP, MoF will extend loans to the Final Beneficiaries, for the purpose of implementing municipal infrastructure projects.

UMIP targets projects in the following sectors:

  • district heating;
  • energy efficiency in public buildings;
  • municipal lighting;
  • water supply, wastewater;
  • solid waste management.

The European Investment Bank entered into a finance contract (FC) with Ukraine on 23 July 2015 to provide a framework loan of EUR 400 m to support the UMIP.

In accordance with FC, a programme management and support unit (the “PMSU”) within the Ministry of Regional Development has to be established, which will have a central Programme management and support role.

As indicated in the Programme Procedural Manual (PPM), the PMSU shall be located within Minregion. The PMSU is responsible for the UMIP implementation related activities, including disbursements, procurement, financial management, environmental and social safeguards, assistance in Programme coordination and general monitoring of the implementation on day-to-day basis.

The PMSU is also responsible for overall Programme coordination, monitoring and reporting and for support to the Project Implementation Units in implementation of the UMIP in procurement, financial management, and other aspects to the extent required.

Implementation of the UMIP is regulated by Finance Contract, Programme Procedural Manual and Ukrainian legislation.



The objective of the services delivery is financial management within the UMIP in accordance with Finance Contract and Programme Procedural Manual; provision necessary support to PIUs; consolidation and preparation of respective reports within the UMIP.



The Financial Management Specialist ensures implementation of activities, aimed at support of UMIP implementation, including:

  • assistance to the PIUs in the preparation of supporting documentation for disbursement applications in terms of forms of documents, information required in documents etc.;
  • assistance in the implementation of the UMIP activities financed from the loan and grants proceeds;
  • checking and approval of all the documents relating to the use of loan proceeds and submitted to Minregion for processing of payment;
  • checking and approval of the documents required for disbursement or replenishment of loan account;
  • preparation of the UMIP reports and analysis of the financial activities conducted pursuant to approved Programme budget;
  • preparation and timely submission of required financial reports relating to the implementation of the Programme for review by relevant stakeholders (EIB, MoF etc.);
  • preparation of the financial information to be incorporated into the progress reports or upon request of the PMSU Programme Manager;
  • ensuring accuracy and validity of financial data submitted to EIB for prompt reconciliation of balances on special accounts;
  • collection and consolidation (if needed) of the financial plans of the Final Beneficiaries;
  • preparation of Allocation Requests and Loan Fund Transfer Agreements according to the UMIP procedures;
  • preparation proposals regarding PPM updating (if needed);
  • at the request of PSMU Programme Manager, performance of other activities that can be required within the UMIP.



The Financial Management Specialist reports to PSMU Programme Manager and Programme Coordinator in Minregion.



The Client provides the Financial Management Specialist with the following:

  • workplace in Minregion premises, equipped with PC and telephone;
  • access to Internet, copying, printing and scanning devices;
  • documents, related to UMIP and available in Minregion, including respective EIB documentation.



The Financial Management Specialist shall meet the following requirements:

  • master’s or specialist’s degree in finance, management or economics;
  • prior experience working with IFIs, implementing investment programmes and projects of similar nature;
  • profound knowledge in public and project finance;
  • at least 5 years of experience at the position in financial management related to the international project implementation in the sector, covered under UMIP;
  • experience in international projects implementation on the state/local/municipal levels (responsible body of power in which are authorities);
  • perfect knowledge of Ukrainian (preferably for foreign citizens);
  • fluent English;
  • teamwork skills and cross-cultural cooperation;
  • good communication skills and the ability to transfer experience to other team members;
  • excellent knowledge and skills of using the Microsoft Office programs.



The services shall be provided in the city of Kyiv till July, 2025.

The services will be provided on a full-time basis under a time-based contract (monthly payments) with 3-6 months’ probation period and option to extend subject to the Consultant’s appropriate performance of the services.

CVs must be delivered to the e-mail [email protected] with the subject: «Individual consultant — Financial Management Specialist» until November 15, 2021, 12:00 noon local time.

CV shall be copied to the e-mail address of the Secretary of the Tender Committee of the Ministry for Community and Territory Development [email protected].

This contract will be financed by European Investment Bank (EIB) and is subject to the EIB’s Guide to Procurement.


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